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I have considerable experience writing in higher education, crafting communications that spotlight innovative faculty research, celebrate star students, help boost enrollment, and raise awareness of fundraising campaigns. 


With a strong PR background, I bring a deep understanding of communications strategy into my writing work. Additionally, I am skilled at making technical topics accessible to a general audience. Examples of recent projects include news articles, student and faculty profiles, annual report features, and social media content. 

Writing samples:


Having worked for a PR agency and in the PR department of a major arts organization, I know how to write an impactful press release. I have pitched and secured meaningful coverage in local, national, international, and trade media.


Sample press release in higher education:


If you need help ensuring that your text is clear, concise, and effective, let's talk. I'll incorporate your mission and key messages and provide an eagle eye on grammar and punctuation. Recent projects include editing business proposals and internal corporate documents.


In addition to my writing work, I have experience developing and executing strategic communications campaigns in the arts, non-profit, and business worlds, which have included media relations. I'll work with you to develop a comprehensive communications plan that meets your goals and ensures that the right messaging is communicated to the right people, at the right time.

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